About Us


Thank you so much for coming to visit us here at PrettyLittleLaser!

Although we are a husband and wife duo, most of the time it is just me, Thuy Vy, doing the day to day designing, laser cutting and engraving, order processing and customer service stuff. So if you're messaging or emailing you are most likely talking to me :). Sergio, my husband works full time and so he helps when he's around. He is also the one that does all the custom metal working stuff!

We started as GrandFestivities in 2006, when our son was born. It was then that I started crafting. Selling homemade shirts and banners and little party favors and accessories. I found my love for designing and lasers from working in a car and firearms parts industry for 8+ years. It was there where I learned how to design and work the machines. I always wanted to do something that had to do with parties and celebration and that desire just continued to grow as I continued to learn.

‚ÄčIn 2017, my husband and I took the leap and purchased our own laser machine and renamed our shop CustomLaserWurx doing little street faires here and there to get feelers on what we should make... with a lot of confusion with our current name, we decided in 2018 to rebrand to PrettyLittleLaser! In late December of 2018, I decided to leave my full time job to pursue PrettyLittleLaser full time. So every purchase made goes to supporting a mama of two living the dream.

It is a small shop, but I am so proud of it, and I'm so thankful everyday for being able to produce quality items made with so much love and care for you to use on your special day. 

I appreciate you for taking the time to read this, and for your purchases, because without you guys, my dreams and my family would not be where we are. My goal is always to have you be happy; happy with the customer service you receive and happy with your purchase.

Our family is forever grateful. Thank you